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LegalTechVision combines 50 years of legal and technical experience. Our expertise helps us to assist practitioners with evidence organization, analysis of your theory, and effective presentation of your case in and out of the courtroom.


Use Us For:

- Civil and Criminal Cases

- Motions, Oral Arguments, Bench Trials

- Sentencings

- Settlements, Negotiations, Arbitrations

- Witness and Client Prep

- Focus Group/Mock Trial Presentations


Some of the services we provide include:


- Electronic Processing and Scanning of all Case Materials

- Discovery and Pre-trial File Management

- All Levels of Project Managment

-  Organizing and Identifying Key Elements of Case Materials for Relevance

- Recommendations for Effective and Appropriate Technology Use

- Assistance with Searching and Management of all Case Materials

-Audio/Video and Multimedia Editing and Presentation

- In Court Presentation of Exhibits and Evidence 

- Effective Power Point Presentations

- Electronic Management of Exhibits in Trial

- Program and IT Assessments

- Secure Cloud Hosting of Case Materials

- Setting up Wifi and Secure Communications in the Courtroom

- Courtroom Wiring and Hardware Setup



Email Us at  Info@LegalTechVision.com 


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