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  Training Opportunities:

LegalTechVision combines 50 years of legal and technical experience. Our expertise helps us to assist practitioners with evidence organization, analysis of your theory, and effective presentation of your case in and out of the courtroom.

Our partners have extensive experience training groups as well as individuals on effective Trial Technology and Legal Strategies. We offer a wide variety of CLE and other classes and can develop a custom program to meet your organizations needs.


Some Training Topics Include:


- Preparing for the End at the Beginning: Picking the Tools and Strategy to Help You Win

- Electronic Presentation of Evidence and Testimony: Making Technology Work for You 

- Maintaining a Well Designed Team: Using Their Experience, Energy, and Skill Set

- Effective Power Point Presentations

- Presentation of Your Argument: The Tools of Today

   Electronic Document Management of Exhibits in Trial

- Integrating Technology During Witness Testimony and Arguments


Sample of Organizations LegalTechVision Has Taught at:


- Harvard University School of Law

- United States Office of Defender Services Training Branch

- Charlotte School of Law

-Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

- Widner University

- National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates

- Wilmington College

- Villanova University





Email Us at  Info@LegalTechVision.com 


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